Floor Oblation

Floor, the band that predates the mighty Torche, are back with Oblation, their first new album in over a decade. Featuring Torche vocalist/guitarist Steve Brooks, along with guitarist Anthony Vialon and drummer Henry Wilson, the Miami, FL-based band's new LP comes four years after their extremely well-received reunion. Picking up where their 2002 self-titled album left off, Oblation is a triumph of doom metal and stoner rock. Although anchored by Brooks' distinct vocal style, Floor are much less pop-oriented and hook-driven than Torche.

Following the set-up of their previous album, the band once again employ unique dropped tunings that make for extremely heavy and intense riffs, as displayed on the title track and instrumental tune "The Quill." Tracks like "Find Away," "New Man" and "Love Comes Crushing" are dominated by fuzzy, drone-filled dual guitar work. These songs also bridge the gap between the more powerful songs, including "War Party" and "Sign of Aeth," and the contrasting experimental, spacey tracks like "Homegoings and Transitions" and "Forever Still." Having gained notoriety during their hiatus, Floor cement their welcomed return with Oblation.

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