Flesh Field Strain

This third release from these industrial-rockers marks their debut on Metropolis Records. While they have put together an okay release, Strain will hardly turn heads. Going from the catchy harshness of "Haven” to the emotionally menacing "This Broken Dream,” by the end of the album it feels like the group have bled their creative juices dry. This is a typical recipe of guitar, synths and vocals, and like any recipe, it is how one introduces new ingredients to the mix that can make or break it. In this case, we have the same old blend of industrial rock, and nothing here makes going back for seconds seem crucial. Flesh Field may achieve a level of commercial success simply because they fill the gap between the mainstream and underground, however walking that fine line is not always a good thing. For Flesh Field, it means alienation through accessibility rather than captivating through innovative obscurity. (Metropolis)