Flemish Eye Unveils Eye Spy Zine with Chad VanGaalen, Women, Devo, Holy Fuck

Flemish Eye Unveils <i>Eye Spy</i> Zine with Chad VanGaalen, Women, Devo, Holy Fuck
In the DIY music world, the blog is king. The folks at Flemish Eye, however, still remember the good old days of the fanzine. The Calgary imprint has announced that it will be releasing a zine, Eye Spy, which will be available at more than 30 record stores across Canada.

A 36-page, full-colour zine, it contains a variety of art and writing from Flemish Eye signings and friends. This includes drawings by Chad VanGaalen, an interview transcript with Women's Patrick Flegel and Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, illustrations by Clinton St. John, an interview featuring Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh and Black Mold (aka Chad VanGaalen) and much more. The label's official site also lists Ghostkeeper and Julie Fader as contributors.

While the fanzine is an antiquated form, this is a modern take on the concept, as it comes with free downloads of exclusive material. You can get some web-only content right here. In true fanzine form, it's all free.

As for what inspired the zine, a press release from the label says, "Eye Spy is a reward for devoted record store shoppers, the ultimate tip of the hat to those who buy physical music, a much-needed burst of exuberance from the record industry and a celebration of the weird culture of Flemish Eye."

See a list of stores carrying the zine below where you can get a copy free with any purchase. If you won't be able to get to any of the stores, you can get a copy from Flemish Eye's website where the label is including it with orders. There's no official release date, so expect to see this one on the racks at your local record store soon.

Eye Spy locations:

Belleville, ON - Sam the Record Man
Calgary, AB - Sloth
Edmonton, AB - Blackbyrd
Edmonton, AB - Listen
Fredericton, NB - Backstreet Records
Grandby, QC - Grandby
Halifax, NS - Obsolete Records
Hamilton, ON - Cheapies
Hamilton, ON - Dr. Disc
Lethbridge, AB - Blueprint
London,ON - Grooves
Montreal, QC - Phonopolis
Montreal, QC - Cheap Thrills
Montreal, QC - L'Oblique
Ottawa, ON - Compact Music #1
Ottawa, ON - Compact Music #2
Ottawa, ON - The Record Shaap
Ottawa, ON - Vertigo
Ottawa, ON - CD Warehouse (Kanata)
Ottawa, ON - CD Warehouse (Nepean)
Peterborough, ON - Moondance
Peterborough, ON - Bluestreak
Regina, SK - Xray Records
Saint John, NB - Backstreet Records
Saint John's, NL - Fred's Music
Saskatoon, SK - Vinyl Diner
St-Hyacynthe, QC - Frequences
Sudbury, ON - Cosmic Dave's
Toronto, ON - Rotate This
Toronto, ON - Sonic Boom
Toronto, ON - Criminal Records
Toronto, ON - Kops
Toronto, ON - Soundscapes
Vancouver, BC - Red Cat Records
Vancouver, BC - Zulu Records
Vancouver, BC - Audiopile
Vancouver, BC - Neptoon Records
Victoria, BC - Ditch Records
Winnipeg, MB - Into the Music
Winnipeg, MB - Music Trader