Fleet Foxes Front-man's Solo Project Revealed

Fleet Foxes Front-man's Solo Project Revealed
From the looks of things, Fleet Foxes' head beardo Robin Pecknold is toying with the idea of going solo.

After several blog-writing fans stumbled upon a MySpace page run by the Seattle harmonizer, news broke this week that Pecknold has been recording alone under the name White Antelope. According to the page, the sans Foxes project is simply for "covers and assorted stuff, nothing serious," and currently only has two songs up and streaming.

One is of the folk standard "False Knight on the Road," which will added to Fleet Foxes' upcoming "Mykonos" seven-inch, as well as be included on deluxe UK version of the band's ultra-praised self-titled debut full-length. The another is simply a brief instrumental dubbed "Guitar Duet."

And while this whole solo business does appear to be "nothing serious," Pecknold has said he wants to record an album as White Antelope. "I want to do a record of really spare stuff for White Antelope so it may be recorded this year. I dunno if that is a good name though," he recently told the blog Chocolate Bobka, adding: "I used to post demos of songs on that page before the record came out. The 'Guitar Duet' thing dates from when we were recording the LP and the cover of 'False Knight.' I did about two weeks ago. I posted the first demo of 'Blue Ridge Mountains' (when it was called 'Stirring', before the other 'Stirring') on there before. I might put that back up, it had different instrumentation and was kinda cool..."

As far as any new Fleet Foxes material goes, Pecknold went on to hint that a new album may be headed our way, or at least it will be if he can get over his writer's block. "Right now I am alone in this house we've rented to record the next record in and tomorrow I'm going to record a cover of 'Ridge Rider,' the Judee Sill song, for this compilation," he said. "Trying to write new stuff is hard right now for some reason."

And while Pecknold's comments may be vague at best and downright cryptic at worse, one thing is for sure: White Antelope and Fleet Foxes will never, ever sign to a major label.

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