The Flatliners Collect Rarities for 'Division of Spoils'

The Flatliners Collect Rarities for 'Division of Spoils'
In case you're not the kind of punky vinyl collector who will drop a dime on every single 7-inch release a band sends your way, Canadian crew the Flatliners have announced that they've grafted a bunch of rarities together for an upcoming compilation release. The group and longtime label Fat Wreck Chords will share Division of Spoils: A Collection of B-Sides and Rarities on CD and digitally August 7, as well as via a double LP about a month later.

A press release explains that the group "fly off the handle" whenever they write a new album, meaning that they often end up with too many songs to slip onto an LP. The upcoming 23-song set is filled with a number of tracks that didn't make it onto previous Flatliners full-lengths, though some have appeared on 7-inches. This includes "Fangs," which Fat Wreck Chords pressed onto a single earlier in the year.

"It sounds like we may have already fooled you once, but we're not trying to fool you twice here, folks," the band said in a statement of collecting the various previously released tracks onto another release.

As such, they've added three unheard tracks uncovered from the recording sessions to 2013's Dead Language and a demo for "Sleep Is for Bitches," which was written ahead of 2007's The Great Awake.

The band explained further: "Figuring out what songs should make a record and what songs shouldn't has always been the most difficult part of the process, but to have this collection of songs today is something we're extremely proud of. We hope you dig the potentially weirder vibes of Division of Spoils."

Division of Spoils: A Collection of B-Sides and Rarities:

1. Lifers *
2. Broken Men *
3. This Guy Reads From a Card
4. Cut Your Teeth
5. This Song Is Like Thunder and Lightning in a Wide Open Field
6. Calutron Girls
7. Wynford Bridge
8. Sleep is for Bitches (Demo) *
9. 407
10. Daggers
11. Christ Punchers
12. Sticky Bastards
13. Run Like Hell
14. Open Hearts and Bloody Grins
15. Hot Trouble *
16. Fangs
17. Fireball
18. Ahead By a Century
19. Cry Cry Cry
20. Southwards
21. Straight American Slave
22. Get Out of My Face
23. Spill Your Guts

* previously unreleased