Flashing Lights Elevature

The Flashing Lights have been on their way to widespread commercial and critical acclaim since they released their debut CD, Where the Change Is, last year, and with this five-song follow-up, it becomes fairly obvious why. Songs are characterised by melodies as clear as ice water and clean and sharp as a scalpel. Front-man and ex-Super Friendz Matt Murphy's songwriting ability shows maturity, depth and a very personal take on the '60s freak-out, psych influences (think the Left Banke, the Creation and some Sgt. Pepper-era Beatles) with a touch most modern. While they may sound retro, the Flashing Lights live comfortably in the modern world of roller-blades and contemporary catch-phrases. Featuring the title track (from Where the Change Is), three new Toronto-born recordings and one recorded for CBC's RadioSonic, the EP is a tasty sampler of their next full-length album, now in production. (Outside)