Flaming Sideburns It's Time to Testify... Brothers and Sisters

More than ever before, bands everywhere are claiming the MC5 as their primary influence. Most bands, however, don't really get the sound right, or somehow lose the spirit of the music in a '70s rock haze. What makes the Flaming Sideburns feel authentic is that they understand the grooves that make this type of music work, and there's a ton of real enthusiasm behind it all. Songs like "Testify" are obviously inspired by Tyner and Co., but have a fresh energy that makes this old sound worth listening to. The mid-fi production also keeps the music sounding exciting and hot, without getting too heavy. They reach back a little in time to the mid-'60s with covers of the Wailers' "Out Of Our Tree" and the Electras' "Action Woman." Also super rocking is the wild "Jaguar Girls" and the spasm inspiring "Rock N Roll Boogaloo." If you like Detroit-style rock'n'roll with an unpretentious '60s edge to it, the Flaming Sideburns are for you. (Bad Afro)