Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne Opens Up About New Album, Miley Cyrus Collaborations

Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne Opens Up About New Album, Miley Cyrus Collaborations
Oklahoma psych pop freaks the Flaming Lips have always got a million projects on the go, from full-length album covers to weird gummy releases and toy frog recorders. They also, on occasion, release proper studio albums, and now frontman Wayne Coyne has given an update on their next proper LP.

Speaking with Spin, Coyne explained that a follow-up to 2013's The Terror is well underway. "We're about to have a session with Dave Fridmann, and we've been doing quite a few songs that haven't reached the end of their production," he said.

Coyne also confirms the previously reported news that his BFF Miley Cyrus ("I talk to her almost every day and we're always involved") has a major role in the project.

"Quite a few things that start out as the beginning of a Flaming Lips song and then we consider that maybe Miley Cyrus is going to do the song," he said. "We have maybe six or seven that are both Flaming Lips songs and Miley Cyrus songs at the same time. There's the version that we do with her in more of her style of singing and sometimes a good bit of her lyrics, and then we'll do the same song as a Flaming Lips song with mine and Steven [Drozd]'s style and my lyrics."

Further, he suggested Cyrus' role is greatly shaping the way he writes. "My songs have never been this fun and this emotional, because I'm not the one singing them. I'm writing them and thinking about them like, 'What would Miley Cyrus be singing about here?' It gets you from another area in your brain where you're not singing about your own stupid self all the time."

That said, it may be a while before the project is entirely complete. Coyne says they're currently sitting on "50 or 60 things," adding that they're not "whole songs, but moments."