The Flaming Lips Unveil Series of Photo Books

The Flaming Lips Unveil Series of Photo Books
Flaming Lips concerts are nothing short of a spectacle, offering balloons, dancing animals, fake blood, and frontman Wayne Coyne walking on top of the crowd in a massive plastic bubble. With such a wealth of eye-grabbing visuals, it makes perfect sense that the band have released a photo book.

The collection is entitled All We Have Is Now, and of the pictures were taken by photographer J. Michelle Martin-Coyne - Wayne Coyne's wife. She's been following around the band with her camera for years, so the book is guaranteed to offer lots of behind-the-scenes content.

Making the deal even sweeter is the fact that this photo book is the first in a planned series. In a video explaining the release (see below), Wayne Coyne said, "These will appear every six months or so, so remember: when you come the shows, be as flamboyant and colourful as possible, and you yourself will one day end up in this photo collection."

The Flaming Lips' website reports that Volume No. 1 is a 10" x 10" paperback, and "feature events such as the annual Halloween March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons, the St Gallen Festival in Zurich, Earth Day concert in Washington DC, the 2009 New Years Eve Concert in Oklahoma City, and many more!"

You can pick up this and future editions of All We Have Is Now from the Flaming Lips' website and at concerts.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads up.