Flaming Lips to Collaborate with Neon Indian?

Flaming Lips to Collaborate with Neon Indian?
Late last year, we found out that Oklahoman weirdoes the Flaming Lips would be releasing new material throughout 2011 on a month-to-month basis. While an official release has yet to pop up, last week the band previewed a new cut that needed four iPhones to be played properly. This week, the group have hinted at another track that we can expect in the near future, and it will likely feature more than just the Flaming Lips proper.

Over on main man Wayne Coyne's Twitter account, he posted a tweet that suggests the act have been working with electro dream-popper Neon Indian on some new music.

"To Understand You and Then Destroy you... Possible Neon Indian collaboration," the post reads. While there hasn't been any confirmation on the partnership just yet, that could be the song's title at the beginning of the tweet.

A video of Wayne Coyne strumming some skittered guitar chords atop some hazy beats linked to in the tweet suggests things are underway, but a rep for the Lips won't say exactly what's going on. "It's just two friends talking about stuff," the rep said, according to Stereogum.

Neon Indian head Alan Palomo seems a little more spirited about the potential collaboration, though, posting on his Twitter account, "Already jamming along on the MS-20!"

The collaboration isn't that far out of left field. Palomo apparently met Coyne at an Ariel Pink concert last September, and his outfit will be opening for the Lips at an upcoming show in Dallas, TX on February 3.

With the end of January near, could this be the first new Flaming Lips song of the year? Only time will tell.