The Flaming Lips Reveal Plan to Release Songs Monthly in 2011

The Flaming Lips Reveal Plan to Release Songs Monthly in 2011
Over the years, the Flaming Lips have dished out a number of great albums. From their classic Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, to their 1993 MTV generation breakthrough Transmissions from the Satellite Heart all the way up to last year's fantastically eerie Embryonic, Wayne Coyne and his crew have been known to craft many stellar full-lengths --- maybe too many. With the digital realm forever changing how musicians do their business, main man Coyne has considered giving up on the traditional album, suggesting that the Lips will release their next set of songs a little differently.

Rolling Stone reports that the Oklahoma psych rockers are planning to release a new song every month in 2011 and will document the process of writing and recording each tune. Coyne doesn't exactly known how these songs will be loosed upon the world, but they probably won't be available via a brick and mortar record store.

"We just want to [release the material] some other way," he said. "Not that I think the old way was boring, but to spend another two years with same 13 songs, it's just like fuck."

While one answer could be to release these singles as digital downloads, the Lips apparently think that would be too easy. Though they don't have a specific plan, the band want to make sure everything is released interestingly.

"The dilemma is whether we're going to release it on vinyl, cereal boxes or some of it on toys we make," Coyne explained. "Sometimes the music is the simplest part of any of these things."

However they do it, let's hope they figure it out soon. After all, 2011 is just over a week away.