The Flaming Lips Plot Prog Side-Project Electric Worms; Steven Drozd Readies "Children's Psychedelic Rock Record"

The Flaming Lips Plot Prog Side-Project Electric Worms; Steven Drozd Readies 'Children's Psychedelic Rock Record'
As if the Flaming Lips didn't already have enough on their plate between promoting The Terror, collaborating with Ke$ha and covering the Stone Roses, band lynchpins Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd apparently have a new prog-rock side-project in the works.

Drozd has hinted at the project in the past, but a new interview with MTV Hive confirms that the new band are called Electric Worms. It will reportedly feature Drozd in a central role, while Coyne will play bass and they will be joined by some backing musicians.

Drozd explained, "The prog ensemble — and this is more Wayne's thing — he wants me to be this central figure, like a John McLaughlin kind of dude. He wants to play bass and get a couple of drummers and keyboard players. And we could play some festivals, like the 2 o'clock in the morning dance tents with some crazy lights and we just play some wicked, crazy music."

However, at this point, there's no word as to when the project could be unveiled, or if there will be any recordings.

In other side-project news, Drozd spoke about his band with former Blue's Clues host Steve Burns called STEVENSTEVEN. Drozd previously contributed to Burns' 2003 album Songs for Dustmites, and he described the new project like this: "He [Burns] and I became really good friends and have made a children's psychedelic rock record and our band is called STEVENSTEVEN. The record's been done for, man, about five years! We're going to see if we can finally get this to the next level. Anyone that's heard it has just really flipped out on it. Kids love it, parents love it — if you have kids and don't want to listen to Barney or Raffi or whatever, this is another thing you can put on."

An online casting call reveals that STEVENSTEVEN are planning a line dancing music video featuring children, so perhaps this project may see the light of day soon.

As always, stay tuned for yet more crazy updates from the Flaming Lips camp.