Flaming Lips Load Up On Extra Goodies With "Mega Deluxe" Christmas On Mars

Flaming Lips Load Up On Extra Goodies With 'Mega Deluxe' <i>Christmas On Mars</i>
After years of delays, the Flaming Lips finally made good on their promise and last week put out their long-awaited film Christmas on Mars. And to celebrate, the fearless freaks are now giving fans a chance to scoop up a load of special add-on features.

Right now, at the band’s website you can order the "mega deluxe Christmas on Mars,” which includes — brace yourself — the DVD, the CD soundtrack, a T-shirt, a collectible Christmas on Mars movie ticket, trading card set, an "Eat Your Own Spaceship” sticker and a box of popcorn.

What’s more, the Lips have crafted their very own Christmas on Mars videogame, which can be played here. In it, you get a chance to shoot down a pile of Wayne Coyne Martian heads before they reach you and snap up one of your three lives (symbolized by the band’s Steven Drozd dressed in a Santa hat). But be warned, this sucker is hard and may leave you cursing the floating, disembodied Waynes and your less than lightning-fast trigger finger.

Good luck!

Wayne Coyne’s message on the band’s "once in a lifetime package”