The Flaming Lips Get Their Own "Space Ring" Guitar Pedal

The Flaming Lips Get Their Own 'Space Ring' Guitar Pedal
Want to sound as freakily psychedelic as the Flaming Lips? Here's the first step: pick up guitar pedal makers Death By Audio's newest product, the Flaming Lips Space Ring.

The pedal is a ring modulator, which, as guitar players may know, are capable of making some profoundly crazy sounds. This unit promises to be no different. A product description [via Brooklyn Vegan] says the following:

The Flaming Lips have worked with Death By Audio to design a truly unique effect capable of manipulating and transporting sound into exciting new dimensions. The circuit works by using a telephone decoding chip that is then squashed into a ring modulator comprised of specially matched diodes and custom wound transformers. This creates blooming, rich sounds ranging from warped tremolo staccatos to wild arpeggiator type sequences to alien fax machines hurled at the sun.

The Space Ring has knobs for Volume, Psychedelic Warp and an XYZ switch that flips the carriers with the modulators to create more modulated insanity.

For those wishing to hurl alien fax machines at the sun, the pedal will be available exclusively from Death By Audio's website. It costs $200 U.S. (or $218.54 Canadian). It will ship out in the second week of September, and the first 200 sold will come signed by the band. All pedals come with a bonus poster designed by frontman Wayne Coyne.

Below, watch a demo video showing the pedal in action. It's even freakier sounding than would could have imagined. If you're so inclined, order yours here.

Meanwhile, the Flaming Lips will release their Sgt. Pepper's tribute album With a Little Help From My Fwends on October 28 through Warner Bros.

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