Flaming Lips Announce 'Zaireeka' Vinyl Reissue for Record Store Day

Flaming Lips Announce 'Zaireeka' Vinyl Reissue for Record Store Day
Grandiose psych-rockers the Flaming Lips are never far from the headlines, and now, they're back again, with exciting news: the band will reissue their confounding 1997 four-disc classic, Zaireeka, for Record Store Day this April.

On Twitter yesterday morning (January 9), the band posted a photo of the record (seen above), along with "Workin on expanded VINYL package of Zaireeka!!! For re-release on Record Store Day!!!"

The album gained cult status for its unusual playing method — one could listen to the four quarters of the full mix a disc at a time, but the "true" way it was meant to be heard was on four CD players, all playing at the same time. It's not clear whether this reissue will include all four mixes simultaneously on a single or double disc, or whether it will be released across four, or even eight, 12-inches.

How limited this edition will be has yet to be announced as well, but expect more Record Store Day announcements as April 20 nears. For now, check out Zaireeka cut "Riding to Work in the Year 2025 (You're Invisible Now)" below.

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