The Flaming Lips "Ashes in the Air" (ft. Bon Iver) (NSFW video)

The Flaming Lips 'Ashes in the Air' (ft. Bon Iver) (NSFW video)
On April 16 via Warner Bros./Bella Union, psyched-out pop weirdoes the Flaming Lips will issue their new album The Terror. Now, they've shared a jarring video for their Bon Iver collaboration "Ashes in the Air."

The spacey, retro-futurist sci-fi clip starts off quirky enough with a visually stunning aesthetic, but shit gets mega dark pretty quickly as a creepy person in a space suit murders a baby. There are also naked people writhing on the ground with their flesh ripped open. It's the Flaming Lips' way of saying "good morning" to you.

Check out the video if you dare below.