FKA twigs / Wild Highways Wrongbar, Toronto ON, April 14

FKA twigs / Wild Highways Wrongbar, Toronto ON, April 14
Photo: Kevin Jones
Since no opening act was originally announced, the FKA twigs show started off with a mixed crowd, some of which were die-hard twigs fans that had the singer's funky style down to a science (lots of forehead jewelry in the front section). A few people sat up front, looking at a spray painted keyboard case that sat on the front of the stage.

The night's opener was Wild Highways, a Saskatchewan-bred Torontonian by the name of Cody Dyck. His set started out with a lot of lush drones, laced with the occasional burst of crisp reverb. The crowd remained very chatty, still feeling out whether or not they liked the vibe. Almost immediately the tides changed once his set got a little jolt of energy courtesy of the smooth beats and some even smoother vocals. His sound sparked visions of Panda Bear, lost in a sped-up loop of pop goodness. Cody's chill demeanor totally won the crowd over once he finally busted out of his shell and the crowd started to get a real taste of what his music was about.

A good 15 minutes went by after the Wild Highways set, by which point Wrongbar was completely packed with sweaty fans, photographers and press, all fighting for the front spots; smoke began to fill the blue-lit venue. It wasn't long thereafter that three guys took their places onstage and the enigma herself, FKA twigs, joined them as well. Without her even saying a word, the crowd was going wild, watching her slowly survey the stage, as she looked into the sea of fans with a playful, seductive glare. She greeted her fans by telling them she would leave the stage for a second while her band fixed up an issue they were having with one of the member's drum pads. Naturally, fans began to freak out, but were patient enough to give her the time she needed to get sorted out on stage.

She returned in a flash and began the much anticipated set with "Weak Spot." Her whispery delivery made the crowd melt in her hands, hanging on to every word and almost bopping in unison as she started to get into her set. The early part of the set found twigs showing incredible vocal range, all while channeling her dance background with some mesmerizing body rolling and hip movement. She body rolled her way right into "Water Me," a track that twigs performed so flawlessly, it left the whole room speechless; completely lost in her soft, hypnotizing voice, swaying from side to side.

Twigs stopped part way through a new song so they could fix a backing track that she explained really made the song great. She used this time to acknowledge the fans and thank them for their support, and introduced each member of her live band. A loud burst of backing vocals — fixed, finally, so that the audience could hear it — caused the fans to lose their minds. "Thank you guys for fixing that. It sounds a lot better right?" twigs said as she continued into a new track that had everyone jumping wildly, with their phones on record the whole time.

The hour-long set ended with "How's That," a question twigs posed to the crowd subliminally with her deep gaze and enchanting arm movements. The illusive diva kept Wrongbar waiting for an encore they never got, but as the packed room began to clear, the look of elation on the faces of hundreds of twigs fans seemed to stay permanently glued on as they realized that the event they just witnessed was definitely not a dream.

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