Fistula Burdened By Your Existence

When it comes to torture, there’s usually a pretty distinct divide between parties in the relationship: tormentor and tormented. Somehow though, with Burdened By Your Existence, Fistula wipe out that line entirely. Unleashing a mid-tempo cacophony that pulls its sonic prowess from High On Fire, the ravenous aggression of Cursed and the apocalyptic turmoil of Neurosis, these eight tracks are clearly the result of endless pain and personal agony. However, because of the intense and imposing thunder of "Vomit Black,” "Sweet Revenge” and "The Butcher,” the listener is constantly thrown between being privy to Fistula’s demonic exorcism and receiving an outright beat-down because of it. It’s rare that one can excitedly experience both sides of that within the span of an album, let alone a song. (Plague Island)