Fist Of The North Star Here's To An Early Grave

Adventurous and aggressive, Here's To An Early Grave proves that more comes out of Nashville than a bunch of twangy wankers. Clearly raised on a mixture of ...And Out Come The Wolves, The Shape Of Punk To Come, Zeke and old school L.A. Hardcore, this 11-track opus is a haven of Rancid's inherent melodies and bass guitar meandering fused together with Refused's brash vocals, Zeke's speedy intensity, thrash metal's uncompromising delivery and Minor Threat's forthright, disgruntled attitude. Still, the quartet manage to bastardize each influence enough to ensure that Here's To An Early Grave is unique, not a bargain-bin pilfering of obviously great inspirations. Best situated amongst the newer hardcore traditionalists such as New Mexican Disaster Squad and Cloak/Dagger, yet clearly on their own playing field, and not really willing to let others join in, Fist Of The North Star are an impressive display of youthful vigour and malicious aural designs. (Stik Man)