Fisk Industries EPs and Rarities

Londoner Mat Ranson has released a double disc documenting all of his previously released material on the Highpoint Lowlife imprint, as well as his various compilation appearances and some unreleased material. The first disc compiles two of FI’s EPs: the first is his six-track 2003 release, The Isle of Wight, and the remainder is 77 and Rising, released last year. "We Saw Orion” begins with a sitar and Indian vocal rhythms then builds with crunchy, compressed breaks and extensions of faint, ambient synths over a backdrop of clacking footsteps. The Warp-sounding "The Isle of Wight” is down tempo lounge with wave samples and a smooth bass line but with a dirty beat. For the second half, a highlight is "Liquid Silver Moments,” which features stuttered ambient synth atop a thick, rolling bass line that develops into a polyphonic swirl of synths. On the second disc, the rhythm for "You Found the Reversal” creeps up on you after contrasting lines of psychedelic synth echoes, bass drops and clean, sweeping drums come together. The beats on both discs are like a tame Autechre (think Tri Repetae++) — a wild pitch into the outfield of abstraction — but more bubbly and warm on the analog synths, like Arovane. At times, FI also wanders into the land of deconstructed hip-hop with heavy snares and snapping kick drums, and also delves into a wide array of percussive sounds. His work demonstrates an immense attention to processing, yet his pieces still overflow with attitude, edge and emotion. How’s about EDM (emotional dance music)? (Mush)