Fishsticks Disko

Every so often, punk rock needs a band like the Fishsticks to come along and remind us that we don't all need to be so damn serious all the time. In 1995, this short-lived band of SoCal beach bums set out with a mission to make the raunchiest punk rock they could and keep all their songs under a minute. This way they could play an entire set in less than 15 minutes, and often did. This collection of 31 songs clocks in at just over 16 minutes - less than 15 minutes if you take out the Misfits cover tacked on to the end. Of the 30 original tracks, the longest is 54 seconds and the shortest is about 10 seconds. The sound is pretty much what you'd expect: hyper kinetic garage punk with silly lyrics and screeching vocals that sound like they're being barked through an old transistor radio - think the Dwarves covering Jon Spencer. (Theologian)