First Rate People Climb 'Everest' on Debut LP

First Rate People Climb 'Everest' on Debut LP
Ontario songwriter Jon Lawless has collaborated with a wide array of friends over the past few months, and he takes a similarly collectivist approach when working with his band, First Rate People. Their debut full-length album, Everest, is out on November 5 via Bedroomer.

The band were formed in 2006 by Lawless and Liam Sanagan, with Hayden Stewart and Anna Horvath eventually fleshing out the core of the songwriting team. At times, the lineup has included as many as 40 members (the outfit's latest press shot shows 11).

The disc includes 10 songs and opens with the previously unveiled single "Dark Age." According to a press release, "Drawing on a diverse range of influences from pop, electronic, and R&B, First Rate People bump, grind, and bounce like nothing that came before them." The songs were apparently inspired by the artists reaching their mid-20s.

That's the album cover above. Scroll past the tracklist below to listen to a three-minute teaser containing clips of some songs from Everest.


1. Dark Age
2. You Won't Get This Joke At All
3. The Sweet Hereafter
4. Three Ordinary Words
5. Janna
6. Loose Cannon
7. I Don't Mind
8. Saint Lawrence
9. Sleeptalk
10. Roman Candles