Fireside Get Shot

You've got to figure that a bunch of greasy-looking Swedish rockers probably isn't the most original combination to be released this year, but like many other bands that get pushed when their style is trendy, Fireside find themselves once again garnering international attention (the last time being in ’95, when Brit-pop and the second wave of grunge were soaring high) when it's least likely for them to stick out of the crowd. Which is kind of a shame, because Get Shot is a mildly entertaining record that is miles ahead of similar "me, too!" bands that seem to be missing a key element that Fireside embrace as their saving grace: the band sounds like they're having a genuinely great time, even if that's more than can be said for those listening in. Though short on memorable hooks, many of the songs burst with an infectious energy, nearly belying their banal progressions. They're certainly on the right track, but after 11 years and five albums, that track is probably wearing a little thin. (V2)