Firefly Made Me Glad

It is a good time to be a Canadian band. People are finally beginning to notice the wealth of good music that originates from this country and the chances of gaining some international recognition are greater than ever (especially if you are from Montreal). Firefly are not, yet this three piece from Waterloo are one of the more promising Canuck bands appearing at the moment. Made Me Glad, their first album, takes a few songs before it begins to reveal its best side. After a couple of nondescript tunes, the twang of "Like a Deer” takes charge of the situation and Firefly settle into a country sort of mood. Finding some common ground between Neil Young and Blue Rodeo, Firefly have settled into a comfortable roots-y sound. Best of all, it sounds really natural; songs like "Hopeville” and "Washed Out” are like old familiar friends, despite the rough edges. Perhaps they need to flesh out their sound a little or add some more variety to the proceedings and polish things up, but Made Me Glad is a good start and it will be interesting to see where they go next. (Night Time Down)