Finch What it is to Burn

Blending sounds made familiar by Linkin Park and Blink 182 shouldn't be considered too much of a stretch, as punk and metal have always shared certain fundamentals and stemmed from the same roots. And really, California-based Finch doesn't do a bad job of it on their debut full-length What it is to Burn. Vocalist Nate Barcalow easily has the chops to do both and drummer Alex Pappas is striking. And the songwriting definitely stands up, which is best displayed on the closing track "Ender" and bonus and title track "What it is to Burn." But I can't help feeling that the lines on this disc are a little too deep, separating the two styles instead of blending them into something a little different. Therefore, What it is to Burn is not for the discerning palette, but certainly has merit as a solid and enjoyable debut. (Universal)