Finally Punk "Boyfriend Application"

Finally Punk 'Boyfriend Application'
The name sparks so many questions, primarily if they even fall into whatever is going for punk these days, but Austin, TX’s Finally Punk are about as worthy as anything you’ll find on Fat or Dischord these days.

In fact, these four gals – who I must point out have a member named David Lee Roth – are very much like sorely missed Dischord act Slant 6, with a dash of the late great Frumpies. Yeah, the good stuff!

Unfortunately, they seem to be on standby for the time being as, according to their MySpace page, they’re taking an indefinite vacation (read: hiatus) due to a member leaving and every day life getting in the way. However, they adamantly say they’re not breaking up, and a tour is expected (note: this memo is dated August 12, 2007).

The title "Boyfriend Application” alone gives you an idea of their shit-cool personality, as they give the guy the rundown on how to become the squeeze: "Do you wanna be my boyfriend?/Fill out an application!” Delivered with such indifference, it sets up some hilarious sentiment over top some fret-board-climbing that recalls the lowest-fiest Sebadoh anthems.

Update! It appears the band played SXSW this year, judging by their MySpace profile photo album titled "sxsw ’08,” so there we go.

(Cheers to 20 Jazz Funk Greats for hosting the track.)

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