Film Based on Jim Morrison's Last Days in the Works

Film Based on Jim Morrison's Last Days in the Works
Doors fans, your cup runneth over. Last month, we reported the release of the soundtrack to When You're Strange, the Tom DiCillo-directed Doors documentary that hit screens April 16, ten days after the soundtrack's release date.

Now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, another new film about the iconic '60s psych rockers looks to be on the horizon.

Director Robert Saitzyk has written and is set to direct The Last Beat, a drama inspired by, but not directly about, the last living days of Doors front-man Jim Morrison. Shawn Andrews, who starred in Saitzyk's debut feature, After the Flood (as well as Dazed and Confused, City of Ghosts), will play Jay Douglas, a famous early '70s rock star, playing out his final days in Paris with two women: California "soulmate" Valerie Eason (based on Pamela Courson) and a French countess named Clemence.

The film's fictionalized take on Morrison's real-life events is akin to what Gus Van Sant did to Kurt Cobain's in the directors 2005 film, Last Days.

Zero Gravity Management's Mark Holder and Christine Holder are producing the film, which should begin shooting in Paris in October.