Figurines Return with New LP

Figurines Return with New LP
The last time we heard from Figurines, the Danish indie rockers were a five-piece, dropping the psych pop winner When the Deer Wore Blue back in 2007. Since then, the band have lost two members, parting ways with drummer Kristian Volden and Mads Kjærgaard. Still, that hasn't set Figurines back, as they will release a self-titled LP on April 12 via the Control Group.

Losing their rhythm section doesn't appear to have changed the their sound, as a press release reports that the new full-length, the group's fourth, "reaches back to the immediacy of [2005's] Skeleton while remaining close to the more complex When the Deer Wore Blue." This will be the first time album has been made available in North America, although it came out in Denmark last year.

The first single, "New Colors," will be made available later this month, and it apparently showcases a "shuffled beat [that] is nothing you've heard from Figurines before." Until then, you can go to the band's MySpace to stream the album tracks "Hanging from Above" and "Lucky to Love." A video for the latter is embedded below.


1. "Hanging from Above"
2. "The Great Unknown"
3. "New Colors"
4. "Free Today"
5. "Glee"
6. "We Got Away"
7. "Every Week"
8. "Poughkeepsie"
9. "Lucky to Love"
10. "Call Your Name"
11. "Unable to Drift"