Figure Four Exercise Your Demons

Ah, the Canadian suburbs. Strip malls, basement parties, smoking pot in the ravine behind your parents house, skipping school to hang at the arcade and when all else fails, jamming out Rush and Mötley Crüe tunes with your buddies. It's about the only way to explain the big stupid tongue-in-cheek rock sound of their debut release. Songs like "Crotch Rocket" and "Wings of Steel" could have been at home on Shout at the Devil, while Whitesnake would probably have killed for a big stadium rock anthem like "The Calling" to revive their sagging career back in the '80s. Worry not, though, it's done in the name of fun and there are a couple of punk nuggets like "Tarnished" and "Redemption" to keep things from getting too silly. (Independent)