Fifty Tons Of Black Terror UNT

Snaky, angular, heavy hard rock with a modern indie blues punk angle is what these boys be sellin'. It's dark, it's crazy-style, it's threatening, and with song titles like "Sex Tourettes" and "Creatures Vs. People" what's not to like? They look a bit like Rocket From The Crypt and sound a bit like Melvins mixed with any and all the nutty blues-y troublemakers you could ever name check. Most of the stuff is pretty much raging full-on exploding-amp style rock, but "Posthumous Climax" and "Baby Must Die" managed to give these old tinnitus-ridden, cauliflowered ears a much-earned distortion break. "Angry Goats" starts to verge on Nick Cave-isms, and highlights the very capable creepy crooner skills of singer Charlie Finke. I don't know where these guys are from and I don't know here they're going, but I'd be inclined to say that they're alright cats. (Space Baby)