Fifty Tons Of Black Terror My Idle Hands

With the Jesus Lizard now officially out of the picture, it's up to someone else to pick up the flaming piss-fuelled torch of anarchistic post-punk noise rock and run screaming naked through the streets with it. And with their sophomore efforts, both Fifty Tons of Black Terror and Pachinko appear more than ready, willing and able to take up the task. On My Idle Hands, London, England's 50TOBT refines the dingy, Barkmarket meets Jon Spencer gutter-blues-grunt-rock of their Demeter disc, melts it down and forges it into an even bigger, uglier, twisted mass of mock metal mayhem. Vocalist Charlie Finke, sounding like a latter day David Yow, leads the charge of his band-mates on this 13-track disc, which is more cohesive and disturbing than their debut. (Beggars Banquet)