Fiery Furnaces and Sebadoh Members Join Forces as Saqqara Mastabas

Fiery Furnaces and Sebadoh Members Join Forces as Saqqara Mastabas
Fiery Furnaces co-founder Matthew Friedberger is no stranger to working in pairs, but his latest project is not with his sister Eleanor, but with Sebadoh's Bob D'Amico. Together, they've prepped a debut release as Saqqara Mastabas.

A press release explains that the new twosome will issue Libras on June 3 through Joyful Noise Recordings. The musicians had already been acquainted, with D'Amico having previously served as a live drummer for Fiery Furnaces.

Libras has apparently been in the can for a while, with the nine-song release having been tracked back in 2013. The collection is said to feature "frequent rhythmic and tempo changes and manic melodies."

Along with the tracklisting, you'll find a stream of Libras' quick-shifting, though oddly mellow and vibes-loaded "Uto on the Upswing" down below.

Up above, you'll find the equally balanced, precious-and-petrifying album art, which seemingly finds Tim Curry's horned Darkness character from Legend enjoying an outdoor game of ring-around-the-rosie with some tots.


1. Walking Through The False Door
2. Fixed By The Tiny Talons Of The Future Goddess
3. No Escape For The Serfs On The Surf
4. Uto On The Upswing
5. Parade Of The Prisoner Priests On Parade
6. Smoking On The Mountain, Embalming In The Valley
7. The Failure (Of The Fencing Of The Underground Apart From The Apartment's Part)
8. Unknown Term For Butcher
9. The Cosmetician's Knife