Fields of the Nephilim From Gehenna to Here

In 1991, England's goth superheroes Fields of the Nephilim split up after seven short years. In 2001 they regrouped and released From Gehenna to Here, a compilation of the European EPs Burning the Fields and Returning to Gehenna. For fans, many of whom haven't yet heard the early material, this resurrection will reacquaint those familiar with or introduce those unfamiliar with one of gothic music's most famous faces. These songs exemplify '80s goth: characteristic reverbed vocals with pained delivery, not unlike fellow gothfathers the Sisters of Mercy. The sound is fairly uncomplicated, giving it that vintage gothic charm possessed by so many others in the older material of this genre. Of particular interest is the difference in quality of the songs. Making up 1985's Burning the Fields, the first four songs don't sound quite as polished as the last five, which were originally released as 1986's Returning to Gehenna. One can hear the progress the band had made in just one year, how much tighter they had become and how much their sound had been established. (Better production qualities on the latter recordings didn't hurt either.) From slower numbers to true gothic floor stompers, there is plenty on this release that will make even the gloomiest of goths crack a smile. (Jungle)