Field Mob 613: Ashy To Classy

At first glance, Albany, GA's Field Mob comes across like your average Southern group, and the 808 beats that Mannie Fresh (of Cash Money) could have made and catchy hooks that go along with them probably wouldn't dissuade you from your original assessment. But it's evident they've been influenced by the early work of Dungeon Family stalwarts Goodie Mob and OutKast as much as they have been by the usual Southern bounce, and that there's a little more to them than meets the eye. Instead of flaunting wealth at people with short money, the duo urge "If ya ever been broke, put ya hands up," on "Project Dreamz," and they showcase storytelling skills and their often juvenile sense of humour on "Channel 613, Part1." Yet, while "My Main Roni" is a smooth track, reflecting on a cheating partner, the ensuing unimaginative fixation on the opposite sex derails the early momentum of this effort. (Universal)