FIDLAR "Cocaine" (NSFW video)

FIDLAR 'Cocaine' (NSFW video)
Revenge is a dish best served steaming hot and out of your penis, at least if you're a down-on-your luck Nick Offerman. Starring in L.A. surf-punks FIDLAR's new video for "Cocaine," the Parks and Recreation actor reacts to a text message firing the way any of us would, by getting plastered and pissing on everything in sight.

As you'll find down below, after he ditches his woodshop job, Offerman stocks up on Mickey's malt liquor and proceeds to pee on pigeons, puppies, the famous Hollywood sign and more. Warning: while at first a big white bar covers his crotch, Offerman eventually pisses off the censor board by revealing his sprinkler mid-clip.

You can peep the Funny or Die-produced clip at your own discretion down below.

"Cocaine" comes from FIDLAR's self-titled debut.