Fever Ray Cohorts Roll the Dice Return with 'In Dust'

Fever Ray Cohorts Roll the Dice Return with 'In Dust'
Stockholm, Sweden's Roll the Dice debuted with their self-titled album last year on Digitalis. Now, the duo of Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt, who also performs in Fever Ray's live band, will issue their second LP and first for the Leaf label.

The album is called In Dust, and while their penchant for analog synthesizers remains in tact, they're pushing their sound in new directions. As a press release explains, "In Dust is darkened and contemplative. It still recalls the kosmische explorations of Cluster and Tangerine Dream, and Kraftwerk's heady blend of pop and propulsion, but it feels lived in and worn down, like an old 12-inch that's been spun many times, its groove scratched and erratic."

In Dust will be available on September 20 as a CD or double LP (which also includes the CD, making it the no-brainer purchasing choice). Pre-order the release and learn more about it here.

While we don't have any samples of the new album to show you just yet, the group's debut album can be streamed in full below.

In Dust:

1. "Iron Bridge"
2. "Calling All Workers"
3. "Idle Hands"
4. "Maelstrom"
5. "Dark Thirty"
6. "The Skull Is Built Into The Tool"
7. "Evolution"
8. "The Suck"
9. "Cause And Effect"
10. "Way Out"
11. "See You Monday"

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