Fether "Tides"

Fether 'Tides'
Toronto-based electronic popsters Fether premiered their debut single "Truly Yours" on Exclaim! earlier this year, and now they're ready to follow it up with a brand new cut called "Tides."
The track hears vocalist Nic crooning about navigating the "choppy waves" of life atop a contrastingly silky smooth beat. Unsurprisingly, the song emerged out of a dark period of her life, as she learned to cope with a chronic autoimmune disease and the ensuing physical and emotional effects of it.
"I was travelling for work and feeling really sick and exhausted, so I called [bandmate and husband] Brett crying from the hotel bathtub," she tells Exclaim! "I wished that I could just hide away for a while — so '90s cliché. The two of us started to write the song over the phone, and naturally started to parallel the ebb and flow of a rocky relationship — which is one way you could describe my life long illness."
You can catch Fether live at the Gladstone in Toronto on July 29, but right now, you can let the sad but soothing "Tides" wash over you by hitting play below.