Fennesz's Szampler Gets Reinterpreted by Stefan Goldmann

Fennesz's <i>Szampler</i> Gets Reinterpreted by Stefan Goldmann
Earlier this year, beloved ambient guitar/drone/noise composer Christian Fennesz released Szampler, a collection of samples that the artist used in his Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus and ASR-10 samplers between 1989 and 1996. The cassette-only release was limited to 550 copies and sold out almost immediately. Now, Berlin-based producer Stefan Goldmann has reinterpreted this cassette for another tape called Remiksz.

According to Resident Advisor, Goldmann rebuilt Szampler by replacing Fennesz's samples with samples of his own, which were made between 1999 and 2010 with an Akai S5000 sampler. The resulting release is approximately one hour in length.

 The limited-to-250 release will come via the UK's Tapeworm, the same label who released Fennesz's tape. While no official release date has been set, the cassette is said to be coming in November.