R.I.P. City

FennecR.I.P. City
Not much is known about anonymous producer Fennec, and maybe that's a good thing, as it allows the music to speak for itself. R.I.P. City is the follow-up to last year's Let Your Heart Break, and it's beyond catchy. R.I.P. City lets you drift through each track, never really knowing where you are in the album due to its beautifully timed and seamless transitions. Single "Kowloon Chain" revels in simple, descending chords that slowly build, but rather than disappoint with an obnoxious, overrated drop, it shifts into a thick beat swathed in distortion.
The rest of R.I.P. City plays out in the same vein, each track smoothly weaving the subtleties — a stuttering ride cymbal on "Cultist Queen" or the plinks of synths and hazy vocals on "Mazzed" — into the banging pulse. (Independent)
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