Fembots Mucho Cuidado

Toronto's Fembots blend the lounge soundtrack grooves of the Vampyros Lesbos/Schoolgirl Report type, various country influences and Tom Waits-esque "experimental" noise to create their own sound. The Fembots, who are misleadingly both male, describe themselves as experimental/art rock, but don't let that scare you off - all the music here is palatable, crisp and retro-futuristic in nature. They're at their best on the back-to-back instrumentals "Porno Mutato" and "Spy Theme," which both sit nicely close to the beginning of the album, drawing you further in. When they slide into their vocal numbers they sound like The The doing Hank Williams, as on the shuffle "Ice Cream" and the ballad "Any Train." Other standout tracks are the Moog-y, electronic hand-clap party of "D.D. Drevnoir" and the spoken word, spaghetti Western drama of "No One Fucks With Goon Ramirez." All in all, Mucho Cuidado comes off like a tasteful, yet "incredibly strange," party tape. (Junkshop)