Feist "November Rain" (Guns 'N Roses cover) (live video)

Feist 'November Rain' (Guns 'N Roses cover) (live video)
Considering her upcoming split with Mastodon, we knew the generally mellow Feist was developing a taste for heavier tunes, but a recent performance in Mexico found the Canadian chanteuse kicking things into overdrive with a rendition of Guns 'N Roses' over-the-top power ballad "November Rain."

Down below you'll see a Slash lookalike, decked out in a grimy plaid shirt and top hat, storming the stage to wail away on the tune's iconic, melodramatic finale while the musician-stacked ensemble that clutters the stage belts out the song's familiar refrain of "Don't ya think that you need somebody?/Don't ya think that you need someone?" What's Feist doing as this all goes down, you ask? Well, that's her at the back of the stage, whacking the shit out of a giant piñata. Check out the zaniness below.