Feathers Synchromy

Feathers’ press release made the band sound so good that it was nearly impossible to form an unbiased opinion. Citing Broadcast, ’60s psychedelia and library music as key influences, Feathers claim to provide a modern take on analogue electronics and ’60s soundtrack music, and they mostly deliver. You might call them a campier Daft Punk – their bass-driven synth music is a little too involved to make a good movie score, but it would make a great soundtrack to a Michel Gondry video. It seems like the band are still testing out their sound, and given, there’s plenty going on in the (fully equipped) laboratory. However, they could do with the confidence to push forward a bit more — while there are scene-stealing leads on songs like "Iron Mountain” and "Mint Cairo,” the rest of the album comes off a bit shy at times. Still, Feathers have executed some great ideas on this release. If their aim is to command attention from the general populace, they should consider attaching their music to another medium. But if they’re just into playing for those who get it — and that’s great, too — then I sincerely hope they keep doing what they’re doing. Feathers are clearly music nerds, and God bless ’em for it. (Hometapes)