Fear Factory The Industrialist

Fear FactoryThe Industrialist
For many, Fear Factory peaked with Digimortal in 2001. But that changed with 2010's Mechanize, when vocalist Burton C. Bell and original guitarist Dino Cazares reunited after an eight-year falling out. Having created some of their best material in ten years, Fear Factory follow-up their comeback album with The Industrialist, their eighth studio album and a natural progression from Mechanize. Further proving that Bell and Cazares are one hell of a powerful team, the new record captures the unique combination of Bell's iconic vocals with Cazares's exceptionally catchy guitar work. While the album still features that distinct Fear Factory industrial groove metal sound, it's also arguably their most aggressive offering to date. "Recharger" and "New Messiah" are two of the most intense, visceral tracks on the album, both containing a vicious mix of chugging riffs and intricate melodies. While Bell boasted that The Industrialist is "Demanufacture-plus," it's not quite. However, at certain times, it does come pretty close. (Candlelight)