Faye Faye

Faye Faye
Charlotte, NC trio Faye's self-titled debut is five songs of fuzzy, indie rock, and given they're the first the band has ever recorded, it's a monumental achievement for the band. The fact that record label Tiny Engines picked them up for the release is testament to their talent.
Opening track "Yellow Canary" is a perfect introduction to Faye, bassist Sarah Blumenthal leading the way with a riff that will burrow its way into your brain and stay there for days while drummer Kristen Leake keeps things tight at the back, allowing guitarist/vocalist Susan Plante to round out the sound with her fuzz pedal calisthenics.
"Vowels" is the standout song here, one to play on those early summer mornings and nights where you stay out way too late. "Chow Chow" is a sludgy, bass-heavy song that finds Plante veritably spitting out her lyrics, whilst closer "Ancient Bones" slows things down and shows a different to side to the band than the preceding four songs, as Plante imposes her vocals upon the song in a much more obvious way, putting them front and centre in the mix.
There are, however, moments highlighting that this is a first release; the breakdown in "Teacups" feels a little rushed and proves a slight stumbling block. Overall, though, Faye is a solid release from a young band that will only get better. (Tiny Engines)