Fax4 Inklined

It might be a little early to start hoping for another Halifax hip-hop explosion, but a few crews have been struggling of late to permanently place Halifax on the hip-hop map with a slew of fresh product. Rap vet Spesh K joins forces with Boy-ill, Markit and young rap battle champ Quake to form Fax4, who have now joined the elite ranks with their debut album, Inklined. Fax4 are a throwback to true school hip-hop with emphasis on lyrical skills and fun-time raps in an attempt to take the music back from the thug nation. While there is the occasional up-tempo production, mostly supplied by superstar Halifax producer Classified, the majority of Inklined is composed of smooth, head-nodding beats with slick little scratches. While the quartet can handle their own, guest appearances from Jay Bizzy, Mickey D, Mic B and Classified, are all welcome additions. Stand-out tracks include skill-testing track "One Step Ahead of Ya,” the over-the-top storytelling of "Helta Skeltah,” and the Spesh K solo bonus track "Knockin Em Down,” along with the original and remix versions of both the summertime jam "Heat with a Breeze” and the braggadocio posse cut "One Man Army.” A fine debut for Fax4 and the newly-minted Halifamous label. (Halifamous)