Faunts To Release Sophomore Album in February

Faunts To Release Sophomore Album in February
Edmonton-based shoegazers Faunts have had a busy year. Back in November, they released a sprawling remix record featuring versions of cuts from their 2005 record High Expectations/Low Results by friends like Cadence Weapon, Saxon Shore and many others. They've also found time to prepare Feel.Love.Thinking.Of., their second proper album.

The album is due on February 19 via the Friendly Fire label. According to a press release, the album features "effervescent guitars, mathematic loops and synthesizers, surging drums, and seemingly nomadic bass lines" and is "an album that is both more ambitious and sprawling in its conception and tighter and more focused in its execution than anything the band have done before."

While the band are likely to launch a large tour upon the record's release, they currently have no dates booked.

Feel.Love.Thinking.Of tracklisting:

1. "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of."

2. "Input"
3. "It Hurts Me all the Time"

4. "Out on a Limb"

5. "Lights are Always On"

6. "Das Malefitz"

7. "I Think I'll Start a Fire"

8. "Alarmed/Lights"

9. "So Far Away"

10. "Explain"

Faunts "M4 Part II"