Faunts Dig into the Archives for 'Left Here Alone' EP

Faunts Dig into the Archives for 'Left Here Alone' EP
It's been three and a half years since the Edmonton-raised Faunts released Feel.Love.Thinking.Of., and while we still don't know when the shoegazing electro-minded act will release their next official full-length, they've just confirmed plans to tide us over with a new EP.

Called Left Here Alone, this mini-release of shelved recordings is due out on November 6 through Friendly Fire Recordings. The previously unreleased tracks within date back to the period between the band's 2005 debut High Expectations/Low Results and the 2007 collection M4. According to a press release, "some of the tracks from the earlier sessions had been heavily rewritten, reworked, or simply 'lost.'"

Listening to these tracks is apparently akin to "travelling through the band's back catalogue," with song descriptions including "hazy," "beautifully melancholic" and "heartbreaking loneliness."

There are just four songs included here, but the epic track lengths mean that this is almost 30 minutes in length — a full-length by many bands' standards.

Left Here Alone:

1. Alarmed
2. What I'd Love to Hear You Say
3. Stay a While
4. Left Here Alone