McDougall United Church, Edmonton AB, October 11

FauntsMcDougall United Church, Edmonton AB, October 11
Photo: Eric Kozakiewicz
"It's another new one. This one's a doozy," says guitarist/vocalist Steven Batke of Edmonton band Faunts in the midst of a set full of new music. It's an exciting move for a band as elusive as Faunts — this being their first show in two-and-a-half years — and the setting couldn't be any more suitable.

The set inhabited the sweet spot between shoegaze and pensive indie rock, with their songs operating on either one of the spectrum and at certain high moments, both. Faunts went about things slowly, building songs up with small layers of electronic percussion and guitar into towering waves of sound before dismantling them before our eyes. In some ways, it was a far cry from their previous work in an exciting way, and if this means a return to actively working on new material, we're likely better off for it.
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