Faunts Faunts Remixed

Faunts <i>Faunts Remixed</i>
Capping off my week of pure Canadiana, a feat I achieved without actually planning it, I've stumbled upon the latest project by Edmonton's Faunts, who were one of the first bands I ever featured in Click Hear (see here). Needless to say, it's been a while, but it's good to hear them again.

This time, it's in a much more different capacity. As we still wait for the full-length follow-up to 2005's High Expectations/Low Results, which is titled Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. and expected in February 2009, the dream pop outfit have released the fittingly titled Faunts Remixed, a 14-track, 80-minute-plus digital-only a remix album.

Faunts Remixed features a selection of tracks from High Expectations/Low Results, as well as 2006's M4 EP, remixed by a wide range of contributors, including Cadence Weapon, San Serac, Boy in Static, Saxon Shore, and Faunts themselves, to name a few. Unlike most remix albums - and this is the main reason why I've featured it - Faunts Remixed is well-rounded and listenable, of all things, which is rare with this format.

Out of the bunch, the standout for me is Graham Lessard's take on "Gone With the Day," which the former guitarist for fellow Edmontonians the Floor drapes in woozy reverb and crystallized masking effects for a thick, multi-layered drone that doesn't suffocate the original track.

Check out the band's official site to get your copy - it'll cost you a completely affordable and generous $5.99.


1. "M4 (Part I)" (DVAS Macho Mix)
2. "Memories of Places We've Never Been" (T.H. White Remix)
3. "M4 (Part II)" (The Paronomasiac Remix)
4. "Place I've Found" (Mark Templeton Remix)
5. "23" (Cadence Weapon Dogcatcher Remix)
6. "Parler de la Pluie et du Beau Temps" (Copy Remix)
7. "Instantly Loved" (San Serac Instantly Dubbed Mix)
8. "Gone With The Day" (Graham Lessard Remix)
9. "Will You Tell Me Then" (Boy in Static Remix)
10. "Instantly Loved" (Set Transition Remix)
11. "Of Nature" (Brightest Feathers Remix)
12. "Memories of Places We've Never Been" (Domer Does Disco Remix)
13. "Parler de la Pluie et du Beau Temps" (Beaner's Sleepy Mix)
14. "Gone With The Day" (Faunts Stars Are Out Remix)