Faun Fables The Transit Rider

Opening with the sound of a passing train, The Transit Rider fully immerses the listener in the world created by Dawn McCarthy and Nils Freykdahl. Inspired by Dawn’s introduction to the New York City subway, the album is a journey on rails and road from urban landscapes to more picturesque places, like the "salt salt sea.” The album is musically stunning with McCarthy’s haunting vocals building the narrative. She’s known for her collaborations with her sister Sheila, and on Rider she makes it more of a family affair singing alongside her mother Michelina on "Earth’s Kisses” and reciting a poem written by her father on "I No Longer Wish To.” The songs from Rider were mounted as a theatre show in 2002, and with the release of the album they will be re-mounting the accompanying travelling theatre show. Prog rock for the new decade. (Drag City)